Intercare Hygiene has become the leading and most respected supplier of cleaning & hygiene products in Qatar since 1987.

All Categories In Batteries

INTERCARE has been providing high quality range of products and services that includes high performance Deep cycle traction and semi-traction lead-acid batteries, and GEL batteries in 6Volt, 8Volt, 12Volt, from Union(India), NBA (Italy), VRLA- Valve Regulated Lead Acid Sealed AGM batteries from LEOCH (China).

We are also a supplier of single-phase high frequency multi-configuration smart battery chargers of 12Volt, 24Volt, 36Volt, 48Volt, 80Volt and three-phase traditional forklift battery chargers from SPE - Italy.

Our batteries and chargers are widely used in applications such as Cleaning Machine, Golf Cart, Ariel Work Platform (AWP), Fork Lift, Marine boat, Yacht, Jet ski, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), Data Center, Emergency light , Solar energy system, Fire alarm, Security & CCTV Camera, Electric vehicle, E-bike, Wheel Chair, Railway, Telecommunication power system, Elevator, Lift, Escalator, Recreation vehicle (RV), Motor home, Quad bike, Medical equipment’s and many more. Our in-depth knowledge in rechargeable batteries helps us to share our experience and expertise in various chemistries of batteries also including Li-ion.